24-7 & Family : Jungle (For Jef) : The Video!


Good Day, GP folks! I wanted to share the video for my band's upcoming single! I hope y'all dig it as it was a labor of love making it and making music with my brothers for one of our own who left the world too soon...............<3

24-7 Spyz & Family : Jungle (For Jef) : The Video

Directed by Pierre & François Lamoureux
Director of Photography: Kat Villacorta
Editor: Josh Schwartz
Produced by FogoLabs Corp

Song produced by : Jimi Hazel & Marc "M^2" McCoy
Recorded at : The Magic Shop Recording Studio, NYC
Engineer : Ted Young
Mixed by : Jesse Johnson & Jimi Hazel
Mixed at : Bellavenix Studio, Cali
Mastered by : Larry Lachmann
Mastered at : Avatar Studios, NYC

Jungle (For Jef)

Written by : Jef Lee Johnson/Jimi Hazel/Ronny Drayton

Publishing info :

Jef Lee Johnson (Malinda Davora Music c/o Scion Four Music LLC (ASCAP)

Jimi Hazel (Erectus Nippleitus/Spirit One Music (BMI)

Ronny Drayton (Defense of Truth (SESAC)

The Brick Layers :

Drums : Lenny White
Bass : Chico Huff
Rhythm Guitars : Jimi Hazel & Ronny "Head" Drayton

The Wire Pullers :

1st solo : Jesse Johnson
2nd solo : Eddie Martinez
3rd solo : Vernon Reid
4th solo : Ronny "Head" Drayton
5th solo : Rick Skatore
6th solo : Jimi Hazel
Solo traders : Jimi Hazel & Ronny "Head" Drayton

Vocal : Jimi Hazel

Spoken vocal : Jef Lee Johnson

Members of 24-7 Spyz (Jimi Hazel, Rick Skatore & Ronny "Head" Drayton) are joined by their family members (Jesse Johnson, Eddie Martinez, Vernon Reid, Chico Huff & Lenny White) to honor their brother, the late, great Jef Lee Johnson, who passed away on January 28th 2013.

"Jungle" was originally written by Jef Lee Johnson and Jimi Hazel & Ronny Drayton wrote the extended "For Jef" addition. Recorded over a three day period in NYC at the Magic Shop recording, the track & video are the ultimate expression of love and respect for our brother, who we all miss dearly.

Jef Lee Johnson aka Rainbow Crow.
Sunrise : June 26th 1958.
Sunset : January 28th 2013.

For all things Jef, visit : www.jefleejohnson.com


Very cool tribute and remembrance for Jef.

Rock on Jimi!

Thank you, Rad! Glad you dug it! Jef is always with me and he's missed deeply. I keep Mildred close to me at all times! <3

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