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and I liked the Events even less

Yeah, I got an older pair of passive Event 20/20's. They're merely okay. The sound is a bit boxy and flat sounding to me. Maybe that's how they are supposed to sound. Or maybe it's just my poor recordings. :dunno

Rex Anderson

The old ones weren't anything to write home about, and I liked the Events even less. I'd take the JBLs over either of them.
See? There ya go. I should have bought the JBL's instead.

At the time, the Mackie's were a total Genelec ripoff. They weren't bad, not great (flabby bass). I didn't do due diligence to shootout a bunch of monitors in that price range. The Mackie's got great reviews and had impressive specs. I have still never heard any of that era of the JBL line. I'm sure they are good, though the old 4311's (and that generation of their monitors) sounded pretty bad to me.

Like I said, what's your budget? I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions for current speakers in your price range (new and used). The technology does continue to improve. Better monitors, less cost. Can't beat that.
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building up my project (bedroom) studio next month, am pondering a few choices for a 2nd monitoring speaker;

1. better nearfields (eg more expensive) than I currently own
2. cheaper nearfields
3. Avantone mixcubes
4. computer/bookshelf speakers
5. Larger nearfields (7 or 8")
6. no 2nd monitoring speaker

acoustic treatment/room arrangement is in the works.

Any thoughts?


I am looking for a type recommendation, more than a brand one. My goal is to record demos well enough to get people to want to perform the songs, and record guitar well enough for records that I and others will sell. Since I am learning, I am looking for the monitor choice that will help me improve my skills. Since time and my room treatment is basically free, I have money available to add to my monitoring setup. these ideas I picked up from my study (books, BBs and internet articles), and I have some brands in mind once I settle on the type. Eventually I would like to have ALL of them available to me, but space constraints only allow me 1 or 2 choices right now, so I was looking for input on direction.

Thanks for all your great posts!:banana


Speedemon, since you stated you could afford to upgrade, I would get a better pair of monitors. I have worked with both the Yamaha 50s and Mackie HR824s and while you can "get by" with them, you are missing a ton of detail in your music when you mix with them. Look at some monitors by Neumann KH, Barefoot, and Focal.

Also, if it matters, I have been doing this for over 20 years.

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