FS 2nd price drop! Reverend Avenger GT + Rocketfire P413 Tele

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  1. Always-Ben

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    Apr 20, 2016
    Up for sale is my Reverend Avenger GT. The previous owner had written on the case it's a Commando GT but the specs and looking up the serial number stated otherwise. For some reason it’s not letting me load some of my other pics (“too large”) so message me for others.

    Here's the posting where I got some insight on the correct model to call it at the Reverend forum: http://forum.reverendguitars.com/fo...figure-out-if-my-commando-gt-is-original-spec

    There is some minor yellowing on the outer edges, as well as a few scuffs and chips that are on par with an almost 20 year old guitar.

    $1000 OBO shipped.

    • Original Tuxedo case in very good shape with some minor edge rub marks and all latches work
    • Jet Black Phenolic body
    • Steel Banjo Armrest
    • Kent Armstrong pickups Single-Single-Humbucker (splittable)
    • Five position pickup switch
    • Early Style Guard with up-facing stairs at bottom of guitar
    • Fulcrum Tremolo
    • Locking Sperzel Tuners
    • Second version "Eastpointe" Rosewood board guitar neck
    • Headstock decal says "Eastpointe, MI" under Reverend
    • Truss rod adjustment at headstock
    • Nut width approximately 1-5/8"
    • Traditional one-way truss rod
    • Early Eastpointe dark walnut "skunk stripe" on back of neck


    Great Custom P413 Tele from Nick Sorenson.

    Premium one piece Swamp Ash body and hard rock Maple neck (crafted 100% in house by Nick). S Style belly cut on the back for comfort.

    The neck is .850"-.950" Chunky Med "C" with 9.5" radius and a hand cut 1 11/16" bone nut.

    Nitro finish is a custom color aptly called Coffee Burst. It's essentially a gray translucent stain bursting to black with subtle hints of the wood's own brown showing through. The grain on the body is almost 3 dimensional...

    The pickups include Nick's Butterscotch Blonde bridge and one of his brand new PAF winds in the neck position. This combination is pure magic and the PAF tone is more PAF like than any other attempt I've heard. There is also a Butterscotch Blonde neck pickup in a separate pick guard that is wired with quick disconnect wiring. To swap out, simply unscrew the pick guard, unplug the wires, plug in the new pickup wires and screw the new pick guard back in place...no soldering.

    Weighs in at 7.33#, and comes in a G&G tweed hard case in excellent condition. Currently set up with steel saddles, and has extra set of Brass saddles in the case.

    $1200 OBO shipped.
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  2. Irreverent

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    Jul 29, 2007
    Man, oh man. Those USA-made Reverends are the shiznit! Incredible guitars in every respect, and only ever-increasing in value. Less than 5,000 ever made.

    Whomever gets that one will be happy and fortunate!
  3. Always-Ben

    Always-Ben Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Updated with price drop.
  4. Always-Ben

    Always-Ben Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Updated with another price drop.

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