2Tek Bitsa


This has been a long project, and I am very thankful for all the help. About a year or so ago I bought Dai Pritchard's (Rose Tattoo) beaten up and much played Strat of Gum Tree, mainly for the pickup. It was pretty much playable, the body was chipboard, the bridge a lump of rust, but it did have an L500. It had been languishing in my shed unloved, until recently when Jules Carter kindly sent me a Strat body with a 2Tek bridge. It had been sitting my luthier Charles for quite a while, and here is the result.

The neck is an old, perhaps early 80's Mighty Mite from the Pritchard Strat, well used and loved.


Look at that funky great sounding bridge, the 2Tek is amazingly clear. The pickup is an original L500 (which if I ever move it on goes straight to Bob Spencer) and Charles threw two of his strat pickups in there. The L500 is a very clear sounding, balanced pickup. Combined with the bridge, it is very even.


Close up of the bridge. See the 2Tek splines. Does sound great plugged in.


And the back of the body.


I shall be using this guitar ti learn to play slide. It sounds fantastic, the clarity of the bridge and the evenness is remarkable, thank you Julian.

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