2X12 cabs: Avatar, Sourmash, Marshall... who makes a good one for a fair price?


Avatar has free shipping right now for most item except their 1x12 cabs. I ordered their Signature 2x12 in burgandy because I thought it looked great in their website picture. It slipped my mind that it's going to be paired with a Marshall head so I'm now wondering if it's going to look like a bad mis-match. :jo
Sounds like a burgundy Marshall head is in your future! :)


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I like Avatar cabs a lot. I scour for used ones they come up quite often.
JDesign cabs are very nice, really impeccable build quality and good prices of what he has in stock -- I think he does all of Fargen amps?
Mather is great stuff, had an old Heritage cab and liked it a lot although it was ported and a little too "puffy" sounding for what I wanted. The craftsmanship where there!
Port City of course is great, their 1x12 OS really does sound big, disperse and huge. But, it's pretty low to the ground. Great cab and design.
I had a nice swanson 1x12 at one time too -- very nice cab, too narrow for my usage (~10" or even less) but light and very good quality.
I don't think I could allow myself to buy a new cab nowadays. I would just sit and scour to find someone unloading a used one.

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