2x12 Open Back Cab with TIGHT Bass Response????


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I've realized that I prefer open back cabs to closed back. I have a 2x12 closed back loaded with Celestion Golds, but the sound is VERY directional, and the bass gets too mushy. I'm using a JTM45 style amp which are known for their tight bass, but I can control it with proper EQ'ing.

So, I'm looking for a big sounding 2x12 open back/semi open back cab that has a tight bass response. I love hearing "thump" on the low strings instead of "boom."

I'm intersted in the Avatar Vintage cab, mainly because of the price, but do you guys have any other suggestions about other cabs or feedback on the Avatar? Thanks!


3/4 back with some G12K100s might be what your looking for, or I am happy with my Vintage 30 in my 3/4 back combos.


I used to own a 2x12 Zinky closedback,an Avatar 2x12 openback and currantly own a TruTone 2x12 openback...The Zinky was waaaay to focused and beamy(on stage I thought I was quiet but everyone in the crowd compained I was too loud),could not stand that,there was no ambiant texture to the closed back so I sold it and bought the Avatar.Nice build,great price and I thought the Avatar sounded alot better.I did a little research on pine enclosures and found Trutone(not to many pine cabs out there)and bought one....I a/b'd them with the same speakers and sold the Avatar the same week.Trutone solid pine openback was better in every sense,it makes mediocre speakers sound good.Everybody whines about openbacks having less bass.Not this cab,I have to come down on my bass considerably,the resonace is sick(and only gets better with age).The best way for me to describe the dif is pine sounds alive vs.the dead sound of birch.I'ts an instrument upon itself.Think about it would you build an acoustic guitar with birch plywood?......Anyway,if your looking to buy a openback 2x12 with beautiful bass response look for a pine enclosure,you will never look back.

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Southbay Amp works sells an adjustable back 2x12 that has a hinged panel so that you adjust how much "open" or "closed" sound you want. Southbay is the same company that sells the Scumback speakers.

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