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2x12 vertical cabs??





Limited Resistance ported/open


Two-Rock (made by Limited Resistance)




Hermida Open


Hermida Ported


Pure 64 Closed


* velcro-fly *

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any vertical 2x12 cab makers beside mesa??

I don't know much about the others,but the Dr. Z Z-Best is one of the best cabinets I've ever owned or played...it's also one of the heaviest.

My current favorite is the Marshall 2061cx, not much bigger footprint than the Z
This Blew My Mind only a Dead Head would go this farout.



Introducing The Hard Truckers’
New Hemp Speaker Cabinet featuring Tone Tubby™ Hempcone Speakers

We are proud to introduce a revolutionary break through in the search for “the sound;” a guitar extension cabinet that sounds, looks and is created like none other. The Hard Truckers new hemp speaker cabinet is a custom, hand made, bio-friendly, alternative to generic gear, with a sound that will just blow you away. “The Fatty”, combines a new hemp-cabinet design with the ground breaking and breath taking technology, developed by John Harrison of A Brown Soun with his incredible Tone Tubby Hempcone Speakers. Our new cabinet will take your tone to the next level.

Finally “IT” has been created, the ultimate speaker cabinet worthy of the finest rigs. Professional touring musicians and weekend hobbyists alike will fall in love with the strikingly organic combination of Tone and Beauty. Working in concert, this hemp speaker cabinet creates the ultimate stage for Tone Tubby speakers: You will finally get that “sound and tone” you have only dreamed of.

Our Hemp “Fatty” 2 x 12” speaker cabinet is constructed with 3⁄4” hemp board covered in renewable bamboo. This environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative sounds spectacular and looks like a work of art. Whether you play guitar or keyboards finally, “IT” has been created just for you.

This open back cabinet which measures 29”h x 15”w x 13”d is made of two of the strongest fibers found on earth. Weighing in at a comparatively light 42 lbs loaded your back will thank you after a long night and late load out. Heavy duty steel handles allow you to easily move the cabinet where you need to go. The cabinet is built tough and road ready for your next gig.

Hardwood edging protects the cabinet and gives the cabinet a unique and classic look. The base model cabinet comes with your choice of maple or vermilion hardwood edging. Additional edgings are available to suit your preference. These include; cocobolo, birds eye maple, mahogany and koa (which is extremely limited). Contact a specialist at support@hardtruckers.com to discuss current availability.

The bamboo while strikingly beautiful is finished and ready for life out on the road. The Hempboard and Bamboo act in concert creating the perfect stage for the Tone Tubby’s to play on. When combined the cabinet comes alive with “THAT” sound.

The Hard Truckers are proud to offer the following speakers inside all of our cabinets.

The speakers are front mounted with specially milled Hard Truckers aluminum speaker clamps and speaker quick disconnects. A Neutrik, securely locking 1⁄4” jack with latch release, mates with all mono and stereo plugs. The cabinet comes with a baltic birch protective cover that is held in place by rare earth magnets.

Called “The most significant development in speaker design for decades” by ToneQuest Magazine, Tone Tubby’s 12” Alnico speakers have turned the sound industry upside down. Tone Tubby is “Committed to Tone”. Tone Tubby’s are known throughout the music industry for their Superior Tone, Lack of Cone Cry and Sonic Reproduction. The hempcones are easy on the ears and reproduce lows like no other speaker on the market. One can easily see why Tone Tubby’s are the number one speaker choice of the biggest music superstars on tour today. For a complete list of artists that know “IT” visit Tonetubby.com.


Pure 64 makes a killer looking vertical 2X12 - never tried one personally, but I've heard great things. And if it's half as good as Mark's amps, well...

Using my Port City 2X10 in vertical mode on the gig tonight (with Two-Rock CR Artist). Sounded fantastic at sound check! BIG tone coming from over there...


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Check out the Reinhardt Vertical 2x12, I hear they are made very well and sound great!


Wow, that early post kinda sums it up don't it?

To be fair, I've only had the mesa vert 212, but I really didn't dig it on end as opposed to on it's side -with the speakers horizontal.

My fav speaker combo was a brighter tighter speaker in the top and a looser bassier speaker in the bottom-

like splitting a nicely equipt 412 in half.


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