3/4 Firebird?


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I have two 3/4 basses. They work well and yet they still aren't small. They are bigger than a Strat or Tele. The Firebird to me is one of the sexiest guitar designs, even the reverse makes me drool. And I know there are good playing ones out there. But the thing is a monstrosity. Anyone hear of a 3/4 Firebird? I bet they would be a lot easier to handle in all respects.
There was a short scale Thunderbird for a bit but not heard of a Firebird equivalent.


I used to have one of the tiny mandobird things which was cute, and at one point I was getting more into playing longer scale mandofamily instruments like zouk and mandocello so spec'd up an 8 string zouk scale Firebird. Didn't end up going through with it but that would have been along the same lines you were thinking: slightly smaller body, 3/4 scale.

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