3 Free Dual Amp Presets - Line 6 Helix / HX Stomp

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    Jun 25, 2015
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    Hi all,

    I've been spending a lot of time in HX Edit recently and I came up with a couple presets I wanted to share with the community. These presets each feature two different amp+cab combos running in parallel. I did a bit of experimenting with the amp controls and early reflections to get an extra wide stereo image and I think the overall tone by the end of everything was more full than anything I tried
    before using a single amp block.

    I created three presets and spent a bit of time showing off the settings for each and explaining some of my reasoning in each step along the way but if you feel like skipping around between screenshots of the settings and my actual playing samples, try these timestamps:
    2:47 - Preset 1 overview (Essex A30 + US Double Nrm)
    (Vox AC30 + Fender Twin)
    9:56 - Preset 1 demo
    12:08 - Preset 2 overview (US Double Vib + Matchstick Ch1)
    (Fender Twin + Matchless DC30)
    14:38 - Preset 2 demo
    18:16 - Preset 3 overview (Matchstick Ch1 + Interstate Zed)
    (Matchless DC30 + Dr. Z Route 66)
    20:28 - Preset 3 demo
    23:21 - Outro

    I also want to throw a disclaimer out there that I hope doesn't disqualify me from sharing these videos - I mentioned a PayPal donation link in the video but that is only for those who want a direct and updatable .hlx file download of the presets. The presets are always free in the form of screenshots I've shared in the video but I put the link there for some of my subscribers who have mentioned that they would like to support me in return some added convenience.

    Anyway, I hope this finds someone that it'll help. No hard feelings if the donation topic is against TGP rules.

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