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Sold 3 Monkeys Orangutan Jr #3(Custom Tolex)


Looking to trade this magnificent specimen of an amp from 3 Monkeys. This particular one has a little story with it.... this one is #3 and legend has it it was made for the g player in Soul Asylum and then made its way into the secondary market ... friend of mine picked it up and had 3 Monkeys make this custom combo can in Black and Slub/Fawn. Thing is a fire little amp ....

$1650 Shipped CONUS

Was looking for trades earlier but recently made an amp deal so cooling off on that for now so prioritizing a cash sale now but ya never know...

Trades Considered: sure, try me with amps and guitars and partials with pedals.

Looking for: American Original Jazzmaster in Blue and Tort but hit me up with anything close ....also looking for a semi Hollie or hollow body ....I’m all good with strats and Teles right now,

Vintage style guitars from Fender, Gibson ect. , amps from Fender, Carr, Tone King, Dr. Z , Matchless, Nolatone, 3rd Power, Matchless, Ect.

3 Monkeys Orangutan Jr Amp #3 in new custom tolex combo cab
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