3 questions re: Launch Pad and BYOC TriBooster


Well, the first one is easy enough:

1. Which one would you choose for clean boost (Strat/Fender BF rig)?

2. I was reading the amp cooking thread at Barber's board but I couldn't really understand if this amp cooking trick is something you need the actual LP for or if it could be done with any kind of booster/drive? Exactly what makes LP "cook" the tubes? Higher output level than other drives? Something else?

3. I would love to hear amp cooking in action but I haven't found any soundclips. If someone could direct me to such a file I would appreciate it a lot.

I'm sorry if these questions have been addressed elsewhere already.


My main rig is a Strat -> Fender Blues Deluxe. I have had the Tri-Boost on my board since the day BYOC began, because when I ordered the Tri-Boost originally it was still under the BigTone Music Brewery name...but my order arrived between the demise of BTMB and the rise of BYOC. Anyway, my point being that it's an amazing pedal and I leave it on 95% of the time.

Due to this complete happiness with my Tri-Boost, I have never auditioned the Launch Pad...but I hear great things about it. I can't imagine a bad choice with either.


Launch pad is great with strat/BF combo's... that's what i have and i have it on all the time....

I'm not entirely sure about the amp cooking thing, but the way i run mine is set the volume to max and then adjust the sensitivity to where i like it, which for me, is just a bit higher than if i were plugged straight into my amp...

i find that with a lot of pedals and long cables this brings the life back into my amp...

it's definately an always on pedal for me...! Barber makes fantastic pedals, i'll definitely by more of his pedals (I already have the tone press which is by far the BEST compressor i've ever heard... bar none)...!

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