3 Sigma Audio "electric guitar impulses"


Anyone else tried these? I was skeptical so I bought the strat and the PRS. I play an SG with P90's. It kind of sounds in between humbuckers and strat singles.

So. You plug these IR's into a loader before your amp sim and it makes your guitar sound like the guitar from the IR. I have the say they really work. I don't know if it sounds exact, but it's pretty close. You even get the 2 and 4 positions on the strat. And the PRS sounds appropriately meaty in comparison to my P90's.

For 10 bucks each I think its worth it for those of us with only 1 guitar. I still prefer the sound of my SG for most things, but I actually think I will use these quite a lot for home recording. I think I will buy the Tele also. I don't work for 3 sigma or anything and I don't really like their cabinet IRs. But these are innovative and some people here might like to check them out.



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