Sold 3005 chips - Maxon AD-900, Diamond Memory Lane & Ibanez AD-80


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All three delays have the mn3005 Bucket Brigade (BBD) chip.

Maxon AD900 early 2-chip mn3005 version: TRADED

Excellent condition and the sweetest/warmest repeats available. Blends seamlessly with your guitar tone. This is the best 550ms delay ever produced in my opinion. This one is truly a gem.



Diamond Memory Lane 1:

Great condition, sounds amazing, comes with y-splitter adapter for 18v from Diamond, and original box.

$329 - Shipped - PayPal


Ibanez AD-80:

Great condition, works flawlessly, and runs off two 9v batteries or the standard 18v supply on the front of the pedal (I prefer batteries to free up power supply space), and I do not have the original power supply. This is the early version with the MN3005 chip, and I think, better than the Boss DM-2 from the same era. 300ms of delay per Ibanez, and easy to control oscillations. Just a fantastic BBD delay. Quiet too.

$249 - shipped - PayPal

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