320Design: Brown Feather - best brown sound in a box?


I'm thinking about a killer 80's metal/VH/brown sound/high gain Marshall in a box tone and came across this pedal.

Burgs a/b'd it with the Wampler Pinnacle and I then spent some time checking out vids for comparitive pedals.

MI Audio Crunch Box, Okko Diablo, Carl Martine Plexitone etc and I thought the Brown Feather had a clarity in the mids the others seemed to miss.

I've got a killer high gain unit in the MI Audio Megalith Delta so I don't need that slightly scooped saturated gain tone...rather I'm looking for something more cutting and 80's sounding and the BF seemed to sound pretty darn good on YT.

Anyone own one?

What do you think of it?

It sounds like it's a little bass shy on the Burgs vid compared to the Wampler but it's got fantastic clarity and cut.

I've tracked one down but it aint cheap...but...if I'm going to spend the cash, I might as well get 'the pedal' and keep it for a while rather than going through half a dozen as I'm not happy with them.

I'll be running it through a clean Plexi or blackface preamp into the Plexi's FX return.

Any help would be appreciated!



I own one for one and a half years, and its pretty good, very organic sound, wampler pinnacle sound too digital to my ears. it cuts through the mix really well.


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Just going by the video, I thought the brown feather was set louder, giving it a slight advantage. The brown feather sounds like it has more gain. And the contour on the pinnacle was kept low (cutting the midrange) again giving the brown feather a slight video advantage (though even turned up the pinnacle doesn't have all that much midrange). The brown feather does have a lovely midrange in the video, but sounded less distinct on single note runs compared to the pinnacle. Need to hear them in a mix. I'm like a broken record. But it doesn't mean a thing until you hear them in a mix.


I agree.. you always hope that the guy doing a video doesnt have a slant or isnt spamming for the builder. In this case I think he was. The pedals were not set to compare.. volume is a no brainer, even if the guy cant tell the difference between the gain of one pedal to the other, VOLUME should be a easy call. Eq is something that is compared differently for many reasons but again, he never really changed things around in such a way as to compare that either. Good call.. and whats sad is the mids of the feather sounded really really good, but this demo has no bearing on the pinnacle and it makes me think "if you have to handicap a pedal, its probably better overall anyway"...

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