335 advice: pickup connectors in pickup cavities


Dang Twangler
I'm about to replace 100% of the guts of an Epiphone Sheraton and replace it all with a pre-wired harness and new pickups.

Not knowing how I'm going to like the pickups, I'd like to make future replacements as easy as possible. My thought is to run shielded wire from each volume pot into the respective pickup cavity, and just connect the pickups to the wires right there in the cavity instead of trying to get to the volume pots each time I experiment.

I don't mind soldering those connections, but I wonder if there's a better way. Does anyone know of a two-condutor connector I might install at the ends of the pickup leads?

John Coloccia

Cold Supporting Member
There are tons of different connectors. I would keep it simple and just wire direct. Its easy enough once you've done it a couple if times. Just use some thin tubing or heatshrink around the shaft to pull them through the holes. Very simple.

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