3rd Bedroom Demo vs "Produced" version of a tune

I posted this demo I whipped up for myself of this original tune a few weeks ago. Since then a friend of mine suggested I visit a friend of hers who has a "real" studio, plus more importantly, production experience and more taste than I have. So for the fun of it, I recorded the same song. I wanted to do this song again because my drum box doesn't work in any of the 3s, just in 4, so if you notice on the demo, the snare hits are all over the map. So Lisa (the friend) played drums in the studio version, Terry (the producer) added maracas, and the rest is me.

Here's the demo, and here's the real version.

It's so interesting to me how songs evolve when there are other people involved in the creative process. The real thing is much faster because I counted it off, synched the click to that, recorded two tracks of rhythm guitar, all before starting to sing over it. Thenrealizing I'd gotten the tempo wrong. But I figured I'd keep going and the result is the result. And I thought about trying to add the keyboard part I'd recorded at home but in the end decided not to.

Anyhow, those of you who write and record have experienced this countless times, but for an amateur like me, it was an enlightening experience.

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