Sold 3rd Power Kitchen Sink Head (Reduced) Fender/Vox/Marshall


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From the 3rd Power website:

Three Legendary BLENDABLE Amps in One!

The KITCHEN SINK is the ultimate boutique handwired tube guitar amplifier featuring classic 1960‘s point-to-point construction. It possesses the heart and soul of three legendary vintage amplifier voices (AC, American and Plexi). The clean channel offers three blendable voices: American, AC and AC Top Boost! The dirty channel gets its inspiration from the legendary 1968 Plexi Superlead and adds footswitchable preamp gain boost so you can shift tones on the fly from sparkling Plexi clean tones, 70s rock crunch, to 80s scorching hard rock. Our hassle free pedal-optimized all tube FX loop means that you can insert your favorite rack or pedal effects device into the signal chain and get back to creating music. Studio quality all tube spring reverb and our patented award-winning Hybrid-Master volume circuitry round out the features.

• CH.1 Blendable American, AC and AC Top Boost Tones
• CH.2 Vintage 60’s to Hot-rodded Plexi Tones
• Preamp Gain Boost on CH.2 (Foot-switchable)
• Dual Global Amp Volume Presets (Foot-switchable)
• Hybrid-Master Transparent Volume Control
• Hand-built PTP on Turret Boards in Nashville, TN
• American-made Transformers Throughout
• Pedal Compatible All Tube FX Loop
• Studio-quality Tube Driven Spring Reverb
• 2 x E34L power tubes, up to 40W
• Illuminating backlit logo
• Head or 112 combo available

Model Name:​
Kitchen Sink​
Class AB, ~40 Watts (solid state rectified)​
Power Tubes:​
E34L x 2 as standard​
Preamp Tubes:​
V1 – V5: ECC83S (12AX7), V6 – 7: 12AX7LPS​
Channel One Controls:​
Volume, Voicing Pan Pot, Treble, Bass​
Channel Two Controls:​
Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass​
Other Controls & Features:​
Reverb Level, Presence, HybridMASTER™ Level Control, HM Bypass Control set the perfect span from Rhythm to Lead solo volume.​
29 lbs.​
Case Composition:​
5/8″ Birch​
Speaker Outputs:​
1 x 16, 1 x 8 and 2 x 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs​
Dimensions & Weight:​
Head: 24″ x 10.5″ x 9.33″ (29 lbs)​
Operating Voltage:​
120V is standard. Export 240V and other mains voltages are available​
CE Certified​

Sold: Congrats

The amp was $3400 new, and the optional foot switch (Channel, Gain Boost, Global 2nd Master) was $150, for a total of $3550.

Changing projects means changing amp needs. This has been a great amp in terms of having all the elements on tap, Marshall, Fender and Vox, including what I need in a live situation such as on-board reverb, a gain boost/bump and a global 2nd master for volume flexibility. It was plenty loud enough and at the same time a light 30 pretty perfect form factor. Nice transparent loop as well.

I care for all of my gear, and this head has been handled with kid gloves. Excepting the very small cosmetic magnified in the last pic, it's mint. For what it's worth, I have never even pulled the chassis out of the head to take a look. I pack well, and I'll confirm, but I believe I have the original packing for the amp.

I have not been too active on TGP from a selling point lately since the stats started, but I've been a member here 16 years and can drum up some pretty decent references if needed. Scott

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Oh man Scott -- that is tempting. Been curious about this all-in-one type amp for a while now (this is Ali who bought your Allyn Meyers Concorde).

Buy with confidence here guys.


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Oh man Scott -- that is tempting. Been curious about this all-in-one type amp for a while now (this is Ali who bought your Allyn Meyers Concorde).

Buy with confidence here guys.
Ali! Thanks for the kind comment and referral! How you been man! You're welcome to swing by and have a go at it if you care to. It's a great amp...when i saw the clean channel edge tones in the summer namm video I had to have it, was perfect for my last project. Surprisingly, the gain channel boosted left me not missing my Friedman BE100 (and the cleans on the KS are so superior), which I sold in order to buy the 3rd Power KS. Do you still have the Concorde? What a beautiful hunk of wood that was! :)
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