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3rd Power Majestic - anyone ever play one?


Tele's and Plexis
Hey y’all -

There’s a 3rd Power Majestic 40 head for sale locally that I’m interested in. I can’t find anything about this amp in the search bar.

Does anyone have any experience with this amp? Seems like a cool amp that can blend AC30 and 1986 tones.



The Dude abides!
Unfortunately no specific information on the Majestic here either, but I own 3 3rd Power Amps (Dual Citizen, Kitchen Sink, and Dirty Sink) and they are all absolutely amazing. I've also played the Extra Spanky, Extra Chimey, and British Dream. Also all amazing.

As best I can tell, Dylana has not turned out a dud yet. I'd pretty much buy anything from her, sight unseen (and unheard), knowing it was going to be pure awesome.

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