45 watts, 7 cubic inches and a gig...


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Our hospital had it's annual party last night, and I was being allowed to sit in with the band. Feeling a little delicate from the bronchitis I've had the last few weeks I decided to bring the lightest rig I could.

The cab was easy, a light pine built by my luthier with a Jensen Neo100 12" speaker. It's efficient and sounds good in a mostly american speaker way. Pedalboard too-just the T Rex Magnus. The amp? I decided on the Quilter 45 that was a SDOTD a few months back.

It turns out it was all the clean power I needed and then some-it doesn't really crunch much, even with the gain up, so I was running power all the way up, and gain at 50%, tone about 3/4 up. The other guitarist was using a Peavey Classic 30 into a 210 cab. Volume wise they matched nicely, although I kept my guitar/pedals turned down a bit since he's a better player and it was their set list (guitar was a Parker Fly, no more weight than necessary).

Bottom line? I'm really impressed with a power amp that's basically the size of a pedal, although the power supply is laptop size so needs mounted under the board.

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