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    Jun 5, 2013
    The Rixen enclosure uses a high quality 4PDT switch manufactured by Nikkai.

    These switches normally retail at around $USD 15, so they are not cheap.

    This switch was chosen due to it's reliability and the fact that it's available with gold plated switch contacts- the ultimate in low level true bypass switching.

    A 4PDT switch can be used in the same way as a 3PDT switch, with one set of contacts left unused. Alternatively, the extra contacts can switch another circuit or be used for true bypass on a stereo signal.

    Users who are quite happy with the standard 3PDT switch can buy an enclosure with no switch, and fit the 3PDT switch instead and still use the large hinged pedal to actuate.

    Rixen- Quality Effects Pedal Enclosures.

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