500k Tele Pots


I put together this awesome tele a while back:

I went with 300k pots to try to split the difference between the operational preferences of the Jerry Donahue bridge pickup (250k) and the SD Firebird Neck (500k), similar to what Fender does with the Hot Rod 52 Tele. In the end the neck pickup felt a little unresponsive, so I'm going to throw in 500k pots and use the resistor trick to show the bridge ~250K it wants to see.

I just had to return some bourne pots I ordered off amazon that showed up not as described...they were listed as short shaft but were long. I noticed reviews of other CTS pots mentioning the same anomaly and now I'm wondering if the pots on amazon are fakes or something. Where are you guys getting your 500k pots?

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