50s/60s Tribute question...


...when did Gibson stop making 50s Tribs w/ P-90s?

I just picked up a (barely) used gold-top Tribute w/ p-90s w/ a natural back and a rosewood board that says it was made in 2011. The neck seems a bit beefier than a 60s, but a bit slimmer than a 50s (perfect for me).

What exactly did I buy? Can't make heads or tails of the Gibson website as far as when they stopped making the 50s Tribs w/ p-90s. I know sometime in 2011 they switched from rosewood to baked maple boards.
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gillman royce

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If you don't get your answer here, check with Walter Carter at George GRuhn - he used to work at Gibson and knows all that stuff.

Scott L

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The last of the 50s w/ P90s and were shipped in late 2010 and the GT's and Honeybursts had natural backs. It should have a see through / smoked glass looking control cavity cover and the orange drop caps.

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