50's Esquire body Color & pickgaurd color - was this ever Factory?



I'm finding this OFF Kilter a tad... did Fender ever put this combo on Esquires?
its seems so dark and understated - I guess its cool because of that -

I do not know if I'll leave it alone?

This was a Road Worn Tele with White "Tele" pickgaurd - but the neck pup was dead so I Esquired it really quick - because I need to put it thru its paces to see if its "staying or going to be a part of any flock thinning in the future ):huh


My tele's got that combo!

I keep debating whether or not to put a white guard on it...

EDIT: Added new, better quality photo.
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I've seen one authentic sunburst blackguard Tele in person about 25 years ago, and photos of others since. I can only assume that if they did Teles like this, they may have done Esquires as well. You know Fender--the only rules is that there were none. Anything was possible. Either way, cool looking guitar.


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Can't say I've ever seen an original 50's Esquire in that finish. Still looks great regardless.

Don- out of curiosity (since you're an expert on the topic)- what's your opinion on the "hidden" neck pickups some people put in their Esquires? I love the look of the Esquire with one pickup, but also love the sound of a neck pickup. I'd imagine it would not sound good being so far from the strings and under the guard. Have you done the "hidden" neck pickup thing or do you have a pickup that would do it well?

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Fender was shooting sunburst as early as '54 and the change to white guards happened in mid-54. So I guess the combination of a burst with a blackguard is possible.

Either way it looks cool! If you dig it stick with it cause taking that finish off would be a real PITA.

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