5150iii 50 watt clean hum


I just picked up a evh5150 iii mini. The amp sounds really good but I just noticed that there is a hum coming from my clean channel. I expect it from channel 3 due to high gain but not on channel 1. I've had the head for about 3 days. Can anyone help me with this?

Rajiv Thapa

Hello there,
I had just bought am EVH 5150 III 50W form USA and plugged in to my country's 220V PS, I know right ?? The most dumbest thing ever. Now after learning the most expensive lesson of my life, I got myself a step-down transformer with 500 W and replaced the fuse with 4A 250V slow blow fuse. Now the head won't turn on and there is nothing. Did I damaged the secondary fuse or worse, transformer. Please help me out guys.

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