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Sold '52 AVRI Telecaster (1999) - For '52 Hotrod



This is an American made 1952 American Vintage Reissue, made in 1999. It's in 9/10 condition, or better, and still has some of the clear-coat on the frets. The only change is the saddles were swapped out with a set of Wilkinson compensated saddles, but the original ones will be included in the case. It did have Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups installed (shown in most pic's), but those were swapped out with a set of Fender Custom Shop Broadcaster pickups and sound amazing in this guitar!

I got this in a trade almost 3 weeks ago... It's probably the best looking '52 Reissue I've seen. Beautiful grain and a really dark neck, which also has nice grain. I've played it at 3 shows and I just don't like the "vintage" neck profile. I need a Tele with a flatter radius (9.5 or higher) and bigger frets (med-jumbo or bigger/taller)...... I also only like maple necks.

I do not have any of the "case candy" or the COA (wasn't included when I traded for it).

I'm looking to trade for:
> '52 AVRI HotRod Telecaster (my #1 "want")
> Nash, Suhr or Crook Tele with a more "modern" neck profile (9.5 radius or larger and med-jumbo frets or bigger)
> Partscaster with good specs
> The new American Professional series Telecaster (if even out?)
> Cheaper Tele plus cash? Baja, Highway 1, Fender FSR ash (that looks like this one)
> USA Elite Telecaster 2015 or newer (the new style with truss-rod wheel at heel)
> G&L ASAT Classic (possibly) - Something "different"?
** Only interested in "Telecaster" style guitars....No Strats, Gibson, or pointy guitars.

May also consider amps: - But only if no guitar offers
> Mesa Boogie Mark V head
> Mesa Boogie Mark 5:35 head and cab, or 35 watt combo
> Dr. Z, Matchless, Bad Cat, ect...
> Possibly other ACxx style amps
> Nothing "Marshall" sounding

I'd like to trade for one of the above guitars/ amp - or get $1275 shipped (obo) PPG out if it.. Comes in original tweed case. I'd put the trade value a little higher.

This is a great playing guitar, I just don't like the "vintage neck profile"
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