57 deluxe or crema wheat


ive been thinking of buying one or the other for awhile, played a friends 57 some & liked it but never a CW, anyone here owned or played both ? whats the skinny on them side to side . thanks for any replys guys


I am shocked that no one has replied to this as there are so many that have one or the other and maybe both.


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I just sold my CW. If you want ballsy tweed tones, I can't imagine a better amp, and very light. Mine was stock with the scumback 75. It's not a clean amp and sounds best when volume is at 6 or higher - really rich, thick sound, sustains, tight bass, screams with a Les Paul. I used to stick a Timmy in front when I couldn't turn up - just thick and rich sounding.

Can't compare it to the 57 but I can tell ya it's a great amp. If I wanted another tweed for a band setting I'd get another CW.


Fender's 5E3 tweed Deluxe is famously great sounding but not powerful enough to gig. Hence the multitude of threads about how to get 5E3 tone at higher volumes, and boutique amps like Victoria's Double Deluxe, designed to be two 5E3s in one package. I haven't tried the RI 5E3, but have an original '57 that I take out for low volume gigs sometime. It's great. But for normal gigs now I take a CW. The extra power you get with that amp puts you over the top at club and party gigs. For me, it addresses the need for Deluxe tones at more volume.

Here's a clip of my CW at a gig a couple weeks ago - nothing fancy or planned, just an everyday gig at a little club.

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