'58 reissue LP


I didn't even plug it in, didn't even take it off the hook at the guitar store. Why would I have? I wan't even shopping for a LP. Yet I am thinking about the way that string resounded after I plucked it. The massive amount of vibration that resounded up the back of the neck and throughout the whole guitar.

I have a feeling that this guitar is special. I wasn't planning on getting a real Les Paul for another 5 years at least. My Agile LP copy has tons of sustain and what I really want is a super strat.

Can someone please tell me that this is just your basic Gibson reissue and there will be many more just like it in the years to come? thanks


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Just happened to get one just because I'm tired of kicking myself over the one that got away. I know that's no help but they're great players.


When I run across a guitar that has that physical resonance it gets my attention. It was that way with the 58 Custom Authentic LP I ended up with. It's electronics weren't really up to snuff but WCR & RS took care of that.


Buy it. I just bought one off the emporium and thus far it has not had "it" for me. If you have already felt so, you got the right one.

In my case I bought due to predominantly a great price and having the cash in hand, a perfect storm. And I will work with it til submission. So I'm not giving up.

On the other hand, maybe I just need to try a few others and see if a gem turns up.


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Due Historic/VOS Gibsons vary, sure they do however I fell that they are a cut (or 2, maybe 3!) above most Standard Gibsons...if you can't swing a high dollar axe today then don't put yourself in a spot to get one and don't stress over it, just save and get one later on.

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