5E3 & 5F11 - Power Tubes Question


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I've got a couple of matched pairs of Marconi 6V6G's......are these good to use in my '59 Vibrolux and '59 Deluxe?

What would be considered ideal matching, and at what current draw / plate voltage?

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There are two schools about matching. There's the "closer the better and no more than 5%" crowd. Then there's the "what sounds the best" crowd (with the proviso that they be close enough that you don't have to choose between crossover distortion in the cold tube or red-plating the hot one). The more off they are the more 2nd order harmonics you have (which sound good) but the less clean overhead you have and the more hum you have. Marconis can be great tubes, why not try them and report back about what kind of current draw you're getting at what voltage on both? Be aware that the two tube sockets might not be exactly balanced so don't be afraid to try swapping them back and forth if they don't match up like you'd like.

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