Sold 5F1 Tweed Champ by GutBucket Amp Co.


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This Champ is basically brand new. I LOVE it but decided to have Lee Dobbs build me a Champ with a 6L6 instead of the 6V6.
This amp he named Sarah Anne is just KILLER.
This is an exact clone of Leo's original design. Jensen Alnico 8" speaker. Sounds better than the Clark and Vic champs that Ive owned! Its pretty special.

I have a 5E3 from him as well and it just kills (which is why Im also selling my Clark Beaufort here, the Gutbucket just sounds better!)
** it is sporting a vintage FENDER (repro) Champ amp badge but I'll include the Gutbucket badge as well!
Sprague ATOM's
Tung-Sol 6V6
all point to point wired, with the neatest wiring Ive seen!
$750 shipped to your door. pp gift add 3% for reg. PayPal (I have $900 in this amp!)

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