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65 amps web page gone


I was wondering why the 65 Amps web site is now a weird Wordpress page.
Watched lunch with Dan Boul today. Found out that somebody stole their Internet domain name and asked for $10K.
Apparently they will get the domain back since they have the legal rights to the name "65 Amps".
Their email linked to that domain is down. They can be contacted through Facebook.

Interesting info from the lunch time broadcast was that Marshall is making more money from the Marshall refrigerator than selling amps. Also an interesting discussion of the importance of trademark registration.
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The 65 Amps web site wasn't hacked. Dan said that somebody got ownership of their domain name. They may have forgot to renew in time. They will probably get it back because they are a registered company. The law says that they get the domain name with their company name. They can't tell who grabbed the name because these days you can own a name and the details can remain private.
Dan did say that they got a request to pay $10K to get their domain name back.
I was wondering if there was a problem with the 65 Amps company until I heard the explanation. A big problem and possible loss of business with a messed up web site these days.
I am interested in the new Lil' Whiskey amp. I have a Ventura that I like a lot. Hence my interest in 65 Amps. I also find the weekly broadcast to be interesting with tidbits of music biz topics, amp electronic details, etc.


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Updated Date: 19-jul-2015
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My guess is it expired on the 7th of June, the 30-day grace period ended on the 7th of July, then someone noticed 12 days after that and picked it up. It's really hard miss an expiring domain name these days given the registrar spam and grace period. Hopefully "stolen" was just meant as an exaggeration, since it was 65's mistake, AFAICT. The $10k is a d-bag move, but not really illegal. And yeah, it's likely 65 will get the domain back, but it's not a shoo-in, and it'll take a decent chunk of time.

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