65 - Marquee Club v. D13 RSA31 v. Vox AC30!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by elektroglide, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. elektroglide

    elektroglide Member

    Sep 20, 2006
    wanting a new AC30 type amp

    which of these amps gives the warmest most organic pleasing AC30 vibe? which of the new voxes (hand-wired reissues etc) should i be considering?

    or am i missing something even better than these three?

    comments appreciated!
  2. Bruno Underground 30.
    The End.
  3. Grant Ferstat

    Grant Ferstat Some guy in obscure bands in a far away place... Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    Perth, at the end of the Earth...
    I'd also love to hear comparisons from those who have played the 65 Marquee and the D13 RSA31
  4. RichSZ

    RichSZ Member

    Dec 16, 2003
    Right around Detroit, MI

    Wish I knew what this meant. Define organic in terms of amp sounds and we may better help you.

  5. Telephile

    Telephile Member

    Sep 28, 2005
    Ft. Worth TX
    I've owned all 3. If I were going for Vox I would go for a 90's.Made in England. I have owned alot(Chinese, handwired, Rose Morriss) and these sound and feel like the real deal. The Marquee may be the most Vintage sounding of the 3. But it didn't seem to like pedals(treble boost, od's) as much as the AC30's or the RSA31. Which both will really sing when hit with an Eternity or such.
    The RSA definitely sounds like a Vox just a little more refined and polite. All 3 have what I consider to be a nice natural organic overdrive. If by warmer you mean darker. The Marquee is probably the brighter of the bunch. The normal channell of an AC30 is probably the darkest. Very pillowy clean sound. The RSA's AC30 channell is bright like a Vox but not harsh. Just very clear and articulate. All are loud.
  6. hism-scism

    hism-scism Member

    Sep 17, 2004
    I had an AC30CC and a Marquee at the same time, and still have the Marquee. They are similar, but the Marquee just works better for me. I swapped back and forth with speakers, tubes, and cabinets pretty extensively, and agree with Telephile that the Marquee is brighter. I also didn't find either one particularly pedal friendly initially. I play single coils most of the time, so I removed the bright caps on both the Vox and the 65; this made all of my drive pedals sound dramatically better by eliminating most of the obnoxious high end. To be fair, I do this on most of my amps, so ymmv. The Marquee also has more low end than the Vox.

    Having had it for a while, I've really grown fond of the first channel of the Marquee, which has more of a Marshall styled tone stack, which sounds good coupled with the EL-84 power section. The preamp tube layout on the Marquee is very simple and there's a lot of variety to be had by trying different preamp tubes.

    The AC30CC has onboard reverb, an effects loop, and various other options the Marquee lacks, but these aren't a factor for me.

    I've only played the RSA31 in a store and thought it sounded very good, but I'd like to actually a/b it with the 65.
  7. elektroglide

    elektroglide Member

    Sep 20, 2006
    organic - rich 3 dimensional depth to the sound, not harsh on the upper mids/treble or thin-sounding, and with character. mojo, feeling like a direct connection between hands and sound coming out of the speakers. (it's all fairly nebulous i know, but it's tricky like i said!)

    i've played an RSA31 against a friend's new handwired AC30 head, and the RSA31 was a little more controlled, tighter, the overdrive more readily available, and yet it somehow sounded a tad more modern, slightly less "organic" and colder. it still sounded really good with an AC30 vibe - a bit more gainy as well, but in terms of breathing and life in the sound, the Vox had a tad more character/depth on some settings.

    i have an emplexador II, and that breathes really well, just great. i'm wanting an AC30 type which does what it does as well as that. so especially wondering about the 65Amps version against the RSA and Vox.

    thanks for the input folks - i appreciate it.
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  8. ROKY

    ROKY Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    Since you have an Emplexador II consider a King Royale.

    I have an Emplexador, also .. great amp for Marshall tones !

    The King Royale was the first TopHat I ever bought(5 yrs ago),
    and it sold me on the brand(I now own 5 TopHats)

    I was looking for a modern AC30, and after buying the King Royale
    I haven't been pressed to search further, although I do get curious
    like any gearhound would.

    Haven't compared it to the others mentioned in your post; sorry I
    can't help, there .

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