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6505 Impulse Responses


I have a Peavey 6505+ 112 combo and am quite satisfied with the tone I get from the combo speaker. I have a Two Notes Captor and have tried countless times to plug the head of the combo into it and no matter what impulse responses I use, I can never get it to sounds decent. I have a bunch of 3rd party IRs from GuitarHack, OwnHammer, and more. I even have the Two Notes Wall of Sound plugin (came with the Captor). I just can't get a good tone. But when I use my amp with the speaker, no problem. Can dial in some awesome sounding tones very quickly.

For those of you who use a 6505 with a loadbox or even a 6505 modeller, what impulse responses do you use? Do you use multiple at once for room mic, etc?


Is the sound too dark or thin etc? What’s your main issue with the result?

Captor is a solid load. Maybe not quite as good as a Suhr but still close enough ultimately.

How loud are you running the amp? Don’t crank it too loud. If you play on 1/3 in the MV, use something like that. Power tube drive = mushy bottom end for metal.

I generally pick say a V30 IR and go from there with some extra post EQ and delay. Dual IRs can make a noticeable difference for stereo but beware of phase issues.


Are you comparing the tone out of the Two Notes with a mic'd signal from your cab? Or are you comparing the mic'd IR response of the Two Notes with the 'amp in the room' sound of the guitar cabinet?

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