68 Princeton Amp


I grabbed this at a local Cash Converters last night mainly for the tubes. It has an Amperex Bugle boy 5ar4 rectifier and a telefunken ec83, and the others are old rca's.

This thing sounds amazing and seriously blows my DRRI away in terms of tone and character. Just wish it had reverb.

Can you guys look at the transformers and let me know whats up. The power transformer looks right but I am not sure of the output tranny. The code on it is 022904 which would put it in 1969 correct? The amp serial number is 10494 and all other indications point to 1968. I know fender did some mix and match with parts.

Guts look stock. i'll post pics of them later


Tele Wacker

If it sounds good, I wouldn't lose much sleep about the date of the amp. Call it a '68 and play the heck out of it.


No, the 022772 is the part number (same as 125P1B in old p/n system)---- the EIA/date code is 8316748--- which breaks as follows:
813--- Better Coil and Transformer-----some Fenders used these instead of Schumacher (606 code)
67---- 1967--- year made
48---- week made---- 48th week of 1967

Read code on OT in the same way----i can't see the OT codes in the pics.
Amp was most likely made in 1968---- I've got a '68 drip edge Princeton Reverb...........................gldtp99

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