68 Silverface Bandmaster head or DRRI?


I would be waiting till the Fender Tone Master amps were released next month before I bought anything.


I have a '69 BMR that I got a great deal on, it has an upgraded MM Bassman OT (the original OT was included, don't know if it is blown or not). It has a 5U4 rec tube, but sometime in the early 70's they went to a SS rectifier for the last years of the BMR. I specifically was looking for an earlier one with the tube rec. Don't have a dedicated cab for it yet, right now I'm putting it through the only 4 ohm cab I have, which is an old Peavey 2-12 that actually sounds pretty good. I'd like to get a diagonal-speaker 2-12 that would work with the BMR and also my Marshall Jubilee 50 watt head.
I haven't played a lot with mine, still retubing it with NOS and near NOS tubes that I have collected. So far it sounds really good, I wonder if I would have liked it better with the original OT though, which I hear lets the amp break up earlier. I will have to play around with it more and decide what to do, I know it stays clean to pretty loud levels, haven't cranked it to breakup yet.
If I get a Deluxe, it will be another Brown one. I had a great Brown Deluxe that I stupidly sold back when I didn't know any better, it had a silver Alnico Vox 12 in it that sounded glorious. I love the Brownface Deluxe sound, almost like a mini-Marshall when cranked, especially with some OD in front. Wish I had that one back.
I have a great memory of a drip edge BR with the big cab, and a busted up SG Special for a gig one night. That rig screamed.

I have a 210 Super for the brown flavor. Thick and chewy, especially with the trem.


From a purely economic standpoint.... the BM will always hold it's value where the DRRI will depreciate from the moment it leaves the store. That said.....

I have owned my 68 BM drip edge for over 40 years. It's been a great amp and it takes pedals very well. I am currently running a set of NOS Tung Sol 5881's in it. They give it a bit more bite vs the 6L6. I've also fabricated a "gig friendly" 2x12 speaker cab for it.


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