6jm vs 6an8 and my garnet pro

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  1. axolotls

    axolotls Guest

    i was tinkering with my garnet pro (L190R) last night. making sure that it didnt get damaged the last time i used it (because it started smoking). and i noticed that in stead of having the 6au6 as the tremolo tube it is a 6c4 and instead of a 6an8 for the stinger its a 6m5 (i think thats what it was), which explains why the backup 6an8 didnt work. this amp is bizarre. but damnit it sounds great.

    so, does anyone know what the cause and or effect of these tubes may have on my amp? is this why its running hot? why wont the tubes that are supposed to be in it work (i put a 6au6 in the tremolo and it made the entire amp sound like it was running at half power), why were they put in there instead of the ones listed on the garnet site? is this amp just a freak of nature?
  2. donnyjaguar

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    Nov 4, 2005
    The 6C4 and 6AN8 are altogether different tubes. I don't know what a 6M5 is, but it sure isn't a common one! It sounds to me that at one time or another your amplifier has been modified. Some people, like me, are very good at making notes on modifications. Others are not so good. That said, its usually pretty easy to determine what's going on inside the amplifier once you have it apart - and have the stock schematic handy. If it was smoking, its almost certain something inside is in need of replacing. I'm not aware of any amplifier that produces smoke as a normal part of it operation!
  3. axolotls

    axolotls Guest

    nothing was visibly damaged, i am wondering if the smoke was just the ink burning off the tubes.
  4. VintageJon

    VintageJon Member

    Nov 3, 2005
    Austin TX
    Tubes should NEVER SMOKE!
    As stated above, "smoke is not part of normal operation."

    The 6C4 is a triode while the 6AU6 is a Sharp Cut-Off Pentode. Not substitutable.

    Can't find anything for a 6M5. The single letter troubes me. It must have a 6V filament and be a tetrode though going by the 6 and the 5...

    Remove incorrect tubes and test for smoke.

  5. axolotls

    axolotls Guest

    i think it was a 6m3. ill have to look at it again tonight i can post pics if you think it would help.

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