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6v6 to 6L6 in a Gibson GA-16t?


ok so I've been reading some posts about Neil Young and his 6L6 loaded Deluxe amp. I have a 59' tweed Gibson GA-16t and was wondering if it would be possible to convert it to 6L6? Not really looking for more volume but more "bigness". I think this amp is pretty close to a tweed Deluxe. Thanks


It depends on your tolerance for smoked major parts. It might be fine, but then again, the power transformer may not be able to handle the additional filament current. It's a crap shoot. To be safe, add a 6.3v auxiliary filament transformer (cheap) and rest easily.

6L6s will run ice cold in a circuit designed for 6V6s, so you can just plug and play without worry, but you'll likely want to heat them up by lowering the value of the cathode resistor.


In general, Gibson used smaller iron in their designs that Fender; Gibson's were usually built a lot less robust and tour-worthy, often using the lowest cost part available regardless of reliability, that's why Fender grew to dominate the market...Leo may have been thrifty, but he sold a solid, professional product. 6L6's on a stock 5E3 power transformer already exceed its available current; I would be very hesitant to do it with a vintage 5E3, and even more so with a Gibson or a Valco. At least until I found out specs for the iron. Neil has a full-time amp tech and hundreds of backup amps.

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