$70 Strat - Glarry GST3 // Critical Review

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    To follow up from the playing samples clip I had posted last week, here is an in-depth, critical review of the Glarry GST3.

    Aesthetically, the instrument was in good shape and functionally, the truss rod and all of the other setup adjustment pieces worked well. The guitar was a wreck right out of the box, but with some work I found it to be surprisingly musical and comfortable to play.

    The following video walks through examining the issues I found and how I fixed them, as well as playing samples and before/after clips.

    My thoughts? The Glarry GST3 is NOT for a beginner. This instrument turns out all right with some work but I think for the money, you're better off saving up a bit more and going for a Squire or Ibanez. HOWEVER if you're someone who is comfortable with guitar repair, you're going to find that you can get some miles out of this. If you're someone who wants a cheap instrument to learn and practice performing setup/repair work on, the Glarry GST is fantastic for that.

    If I were going to upgrade the guitar, the first thing I would change are the tuners. Even with the work I've done, the guitar still has some issues staying in tune that are a result of the current tuners. After that, I would probably swap out the bridge pickup. The stock one sounds pretty thin. The neck and middle positions I think are decent.

    At the end of the day, it's just a guitar-shaped-object. A toy. I probably wouldn't play it out without a couple upgrades, but I wouldn't suggest putting money into this thing in the first place. For $70, it's okay if all you want to do is fool around at home on a strat-sounding guitar, or use it as a sacrifice for learning guitar repair techniques.
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