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70's Disco Haters. Are there any dicso songs you like?

Mars Rover

Disco sucks but I like "Burn baby burn disco inferno".
I like the part when the guy screams "SAAAAAAATISFACTION".
And the bass line isn't too bad either!

Oh - and YAY - my points will be expunged this Monday night!


Silver Supporting Member
Just about anything by Boney M - between the voices and the WHOMPING basslines I can get over the other disco trappings in the music and overlook them being a producer's studio creation.

I still dig the big hits by KC and the Sunshine Band.

I also like the fast 12/8 version of Knock On Wood by Ami Stewart.

Are we including discoey-sounding tunes by non-disco acts? Because I'd have to name I Was Made For Loving You, Young Lust, Turn To Stone, Gemini Dream, and Another One Bites The Dust.


Senior Member
Anything by KC and Sunshine Band. While I was never into disco, it's hard to deny how TIGHT that band was. Help bring dance back to the people, not a bad thing.


Gold Supporting Member
For me it was Thelma Houston's- Don't Leave Me This Way
I even got it on my iPod.
That's my favorite, too. I love the bass line. To me, it's a "hook" and it always tips me off, as I've never heard it before or since. Written by Gamble/Huff/Gilbert, it charted well. Plus, it won the Grammy for Best Female R&B Performance, and was also an international hit. Hal Davis, a long-time Motown producer and writer, produced the song and also worked with Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and more. Great artist and great song.


Not a fan but there was some killer bass work and hi hat and snare work. Compare it to todays quantized sampled synthed un pitched thump that makes dance music and you realize it was great stuff. The 70's we had Zep and Disco now we have Nickleback and Chris Brown

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