72 super lead 2 prong power cord


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Bought a nice 100 watt '72 Marshall Super Lead saturday. It's been slightly modded, replaced power transformer but stock output, mainly just a master volume mod. Sounds great, and none of the mods put extra holes in the chassis or were invasive - she still has her mustards, for example.

One thing that is kinda weird is that it still has the stock 2 prong cord - the soldered connections inside the amp still have that reddish paint on them.

I know leaving the two prong as is could be a shock hazard, but I use a wireless. Around the house I can just be extra careful... but if I did decide to change it to a three prong, am I really affecting the value on an already modded amp? It's weird seeing that on there - I have owned and currently own several Fenders from the 50s and 60s and can't remember any of them having the stock two prong power cord.


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I purchased a 99% original 71 Super Trem and it had the two prong plug. I had it changed to a three prong and I kept the two prong just in case I ever sell it and the buyer want's it. If your going to be giging with the amp I would have it changed so you don't get jolted!

Same story with a 66 Pro Reverb I purchased, it had a two prong plug and I had it changed to a three prong. I really don't think it changes the value of the amp very much if at all.


You are not affecting the value, especially on a modified amp (a replaced transformer has much more of an affect on the overall value).

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