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77 Fender Mustang questions


I got this guitar not too long ago because the price was more than fair and it played extremely well. The only downside to it is that pickups aren't original and whatever is in it now sounds kinda crappy. Later I figured out its Mexican strat pups.
So what my question is, is the value of the guitar completely shot because I'm missing the pickups? Every thing else is 100% original.Another question I had is if having a natural one is rare or sought after because I had never seen one in natural until this one.

The reason I ask is because if the value is lost is because I was kicking around the idea of refinishing to Olympic white and putting in the Curtis Novak jazzmaster pickups that install without routing the guitar.

Thanks for your help


Natural was a standard color from '72 through '82, but I admit I tend to see more bursts and white ones, myself. Not sure what missing pickups would do to value, but it's not a hugely desirable year to start with. Jeez, uhh, maybe $800-900 on the high end if the rest of it is clean?

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