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80 watt speaker + 50 watt speaker in 100 watt combo amp-- bad idea?


Silver Supporting Member
Hi all,

I have a combo amp with 2 Celestion Rocket 50s in it, and I want to change them out... I love the amp, but am looking for a little different tonality and less "flub" in the bass response.

So, I recently ordered an Austin KTS-70 (which arrived today), and I was thinking of taking out ONE of the Celestions and hearing how the amp's tone will change.

(I will be ordering another KTS-70 on the next payday, which isn't until April 1st).

Here's my question: is it OK to put in the Austin, rated at 80 watts, in the same combo amp with the Celestion only rated at 50? Will this wattage disparity hurt anything? Would it be very likely to sound "unpleasing," given the great disparity in each speaker's specs?

I could wait another 3 weeks until my 2nd new speaker arrives, and do the complete switch out then, but I'm SO ANXIOUS to hear how this new KTS-70 is going to sound!

All opinions welcome, please!


Silver Supporting Member
Is this the same re-animator from the Carvin forum(s)?

The amp I've got is the X212B, which I love, except it doesn't handle the bass notes of my 7 string very well.

I didn't really assume the different watt speakers would hurt anything...but I also have no idea if it would immediately sound like poo!

I have to say I'm a tiny bit worried about putting 2 of the Austins into my amp...the Celestions weigh almost nothing, maybe 5 pounds. The Austins on the other hand weigh at least 10 pounds each, probably more like 12. My little 58 pound combo amp is going be weighing darn near 80 pounds when all is said and done.

It's a good thing I don't have to move it too often.


Well, it's the price you pay for the tone you love!


When you mismatch speaker wattage the rating becomes of the higher speaker, so now you went from 100watts with two 50's down to 80watts.


Senior Member
oops typo. I meant to say you get the power handling of two 30 watters.

you get the power handling of the lower rated speaker x2.

i.e. a g12h and a v30 (30 watts and 60 watts respectively) would have a total of 60 watts power handling.


some scary post here,

the lowest powered speaker will set the power handling an 80 watt speaker and a 50 watt speaker can handle 100 watts total, or 50 watts each, exceed that and you can blow up the 50 watt speaker.

100 watt tube amp is capable of 200 watts peak power, generally with a good speaker that will melt paint ect, a 100 watt solid state amp is only capable of 100 watts unless the amp is mismatched an 8 ohm amp into a 4 ohm speaker produces 200 watts as well.

generally 2 x the power handling is safe, most amps a 50% will work, so 150 watt power handling or two of 80 watt speakers that you mentioned should be fine, unless your really dime your amp.


Silver Supporting Member
Thanks for the info!

The ohms match, both speakers are 8 ohms. I wouldn't be diming my 100 watt (tube) amp, volume probably around 3-4 at home.

Well, I'm going to swap out one speaker tonight-- I'll see how the tone changes!

Thanks again for the info.

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