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80's metal is waaay back! Netflix 'The Dirt'

Because I've taken so much crap from younger players about my 80's style of playing seeing all this come full circle is particularly satisfying!
YES! By age, I am squarely in the Gen X/Grunge Generation, but I rejected it, then and now. And their little revolution only survived about 5 years before imploding. Long live the'80s! :dude


Class of 85. For our group MC was not metal at all. Metal was Priest, Maiden, Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio, Scorps. For us the glam hair metal stuff was guys dressing up like chicks and playing pretty ****** music to young kids who didn't know what real metal sounded like (remember, this is my thinking in 85). As a mid 80's grad I feel like we all got painted with that embarrassing hair metal brush when most of us hated that sh*t that was a late 80's fad. These days, I hear a few catchy MC songs that I remember and liked. I'd likely watch the movie anyway.


Yessir. I graduated from Sacred Heart High School in May of 1988.
Me too. I doubt it was the same one. We had 44 graduates after the car accident.

So sad that the '80's' are judged by the end of the 80's and not the beginning Ozzy/Rhoads, EVH, Ac Dc, Scorps, Hi n Dry, Piece of mind, Moving pictures, Priest- 'Unleashed in the east' Queensryche -The warning
Dio, Ratt, Dokken, MAIDEN
Oh, don't worry. Some of us judge the 80's by everything you've listed. :D
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I get a little sad remembering the cars my friends & I drove back then, when I see what it costs to get one now. I had a 1970 Barracuda. Had friends with a 69 Camaro, 1965 Mustang, 1969 Mustang, 1967 Cougar, several 1967 Mustangs, on & on.
Most of my friends had late 70's/early 80's f-body's or just had to drive the beater family car, but one had a 1970 Chevelle. I had a '65 Mustang and I have managed to hold onto it all these years. It needs a light restoration now, but still has original paint and no rust on it, despite living its life in the midwest. (I drove a spare pickup during the winter to avoid the salt on the Mustang.)

When I got my first real paycheck, I picked up an '87 Porsche 944 Turbo, which I still have this day......and also needs a (very) light restoration. The Mustang is probably work far more, even though it's just the coupe with the base 289 V8.

Some of the stuff most of the people here say is great strikes me as a bit cheesy but I admittedly haven’t given it enough time. I mean everyone here loves Van Halen but Hot for Teacher (if that’s the name of the song) is cheesy as hell. They probably have some great stuff. I need to get past that cheesy stuff.
VH is as cheesy lyrically and conceptual as any of the following hair metal. They're a bit wider ranging musically, but mostly the get a pass because of EVH being the first of big name shred players going into the 80's.

I've recently gone back through their DL era albums and while I really have enjoyed them, I think they edge pretty well on the cheesy side of things at times: assuming cheesy means the whole sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll aesthetic being central.

Those were certainly my formative years as a listener and player. Shout At the Devil was my intro to Crue followed closely by Too Fast For Love. Loved those albums then and still do today. Everything after that was a disappointment to me. Some good stuff in there but didn't hit me as hard as those first 2.
That's mostly me. I really enjoyed, and still occasionally enjoy, those first two albums. They following albums shifted direction, with just the occasional tune I really enjoyed.

About that same time I also enjoyed the first couple of Ratt albums and the first couple of Dokken albums. It seemed like up through '85 that music had a harder edge to it, and then it went more popish later. I recall seeing the first Poison album and being curious about it. When I heard it, it was fine, but it didn't entice me to go buy it, or many of the other bands that continued to come out in a similar vein. I guess I draw some sort of line in there that I hear, but it I'm sure it's just arbitrary.


Class of '88 here...The rock magazines like Circus and their like traded on reporting the partying aspect of bands in that era. Debauchery was not invented by the Crue but that was celebrated in their press and when they showed up for video interviews hungover and high, it added to the story. I loved the aggression of heavy pop like Def Lep and Scorps, the overlord metal of Priest, and the mastery of Maiden and I remember a sh!tload of fellow high school students wearing the tour shirts of the Crue anytime they came through town on tour. They even setup residence here in town during Dr. Feelgood. Not a fan (I did/do like a handful of tunes!) and certainly no fan of Sunset Strip glam metal but I would like to see this movie.


@Outlier I felt the same way in the 80's, 'Shout' had my attention mainly because we ate up everything (good) that was coming out. But as stated before in a previous post, once 'Theater of pain' dropped I stopped listening to them.

Glad everyone is stoked to support the return of classic metal!!


@lp1987x I listen to Serius Hair nation too, a lot of crap with the same 10 bands on heavy rotation. Crazy how they neglect Ratt, Dio, Dokken for a huge dosage of Europe sappy ballads, Cinder Fella, Kiss, GnR and Bon Jovi every 4 or 6th song. And why heck can't they play some Steel panther???
Definitely true. Some of those bands get played on Ozzy's Boneyard too. However, every 4th song is either Ozzy, Sabbath, or Zakk. Lately, I've been listening to 313 Rock Bar a lot as it has some more variety, including some newer stuff.


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Outside of wild side im not a fan, and that was my era. I just can't get into songs titled girls girls girls. Glad you all are stoked.


I graduated from high school in 97 but I LOVE this era of music, I got SO tired of the whiney and depressed grunge stuff, so many great bands from the hair metal hey day and so many super cheesy ones as well, but its all awesome. Just something about the style of guitar playing that I really love, especially Van Halen, Ratt and Dokken, but add in bands like the Crue, Skid Row, Winger (listen to the riff of "17" so damn good!), and Bon Jovi!
Class of 84. Loved MCs early EP and SATD. I was more into Scorpions, Priest, VH, and other late 70s bands (BOC, Sabbath, Tull) and in college 85-88 got way off that and into digging into 60s (Cream, Stones) and bands I could go see at college shows (REM, Southside, Hooters, Alarm). I'm still going to watch this because I'm a sucker for music biopics. I hope it ignites something new in my Spotify.


1980 I was 21....Perfect age for 60s-70s-80s music.

So you know where that puts me this year..... well in 6 days to be exact.
Hell to get old!


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Graduated in 93. I love 80's hair bands. I agree with one poster here: GnR & Motley separated themselves from the rest of the pack. I have to agree.

I think there is renewed interest in the genre. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing "hair metal Greta Van Fleets" soon. I kinda hope so. (minus the actual hair and spandex)..


Graduated in '83. Saw Motley Crue play their first British gig in '85. But I was already moving to heavier stuff (e.g. Metallica, Slayer, Exodus etc.), and when I saw Metallica play live for the first time in '85 that made me forget Crue pretty quickly.

Rick Lee

I wasn't into Crue during their heyday, just couldn't deal with the makeup. I did get TFFL around 7th grade (class of '89 here) and still listen to it regularly. I don't think I saw MC live until around 2002, but thought they were great. I was a VH diehard from 2nd grade and still am.

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