Sold '81 Marshall JCM800 - 2204 Vertical Input - Original


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* Please shoot me a PM if you have any questions

I've been hemming and hawing about this, but have decided to sell the last of my 2204 Marshalls (just keeping my '69 & '72 Super Leads)

This amp was never messed with - Electronics are completely original.
When I purchased this amp years ago I was all set to have it converted to EL34's when it got here, but after hearing it, it just blew me away the way it was.
It's currently loaded with GE 6550 Glass, and the amp sounds tremendous.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a better example, and I've gone through many over the years.

* Note - I removed the back panel for the pictures, but it is included.

Price - I'm looking to net $1399 after shipping and any PayPal fee.
Just shoot me a PM with your location for a shipping quote.
Not looking for any trade offers please

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These are sweet amps. The low input is a sleeper. Its big and clean but loves amp-like pedals such as a Friedman BE-OD or a Bogner Blue. Mine sounds like a Friedman BE with that pedal.

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