'91 Fender Robben Ford

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    A new pseudo-reggae improvised loop recorded with my new '91 FENDER ROBBEN FORD semi-acoustic guitar, played fingerstyle, into GUITAR RIG 3 using a VOX AC-30 model amp and a bit of an outboard Fender spring reverb model and delay. Looper from GUITAR RIG 3 as well. All the guitars are recorded as a live loop, switching pickups from single coil to humbucking mode, and from neck to back. Bass part as well, using an octaver pedal in GUITAR RIG 3.
    Again I can really hear the solid spruce top on this instrument, even though I find the sounf a bit thinner and maybe a bit more versatile compared to my YAMAHA SA-1200S, a 335 type guitar, again with a spruce top, used to record QUIET FIRE and STILL....ANOTHER GLORIOUS SPRING. What do you think?

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