Sold '91 Gibson Les Paul Classic with OHSC. PRICE DROP


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Had this up for trade recently but picked up the amp I was after and am now going with a straight sale.

As far as Classics go, this is from the most desirable era of that model i.e. pre-'93, which was before Gibson unleashed those bizarre green inlays. Those in the know appreciate these early Classics for their build quality, closer-to-original specs, and "good wood" tops. This era of Classic is getting hard to find as folks tend to hang on quite tightly once they get one. This one is a 1991 Classic in SB finish, which is a bit unusual in that most from that era seem to have cherry or honey finishes. Thankfully, the too-hot original ceramic pickups have been swapped out for Duncans (I'll have to check but I think they're a JB/Jazz set...not entirely sure though). This a clean Classic that plays and sounds great...everything you want in an LP IMO. NO BREAK OR CRACKS. The guitar comes with what you see pictured here, nothing else. OHSC is included. Finally, full disclosure, I'm not absolutely certain about the originality of each and every part as some things were changed out over time (e.g. the pickups already noted). If that's critical to you, better to just move along. If you have specific questions though, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. Best not to assume anything though. No trades.

$1699 plus PP & ship



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