Sold 920D Custom Telecaster 3-Way Control Plate for HH w/ 500K Concentric Controls Tele Harness prewired


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Purchased this for a project that never happened.

This loaded control plate is designed for T-Style guitars with two humbucker pickups. It features two concentric knobs which give you volume and tone control for each pickup. This kit comes pre-assembled by 920D Custom and ready to rock.


1 - Chrome Control Plate
2 - Chrome Knurled Concentric Knobs
2 - CTS Concentric Pots
1 - Original CRL USA 3-Way Selector Switch
2 - .047µF Ceramic Capacitors
2 - Gavitt Vintage style push cloth wire (Black/White)
1 - Pure Tone Output Jack

Switch Positions:

Bridge and Neck

$sold shipped

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