!963 sears silvertone tube maker?


Hoady Snitch

Anyone have any idea who Sears bought thier tubes from in '62-63'?
Hardly used ...from my amp n case double P/U I bought in 1980 for 20$ (love it!)unit...I know..I'll put them
back but I just put 2 of them (12ax7) in my JMP 72' 50w 86' head in V1 & V2 and they are quite kool!.....Sweet!
...Very woody sounding... gonna be hard to put them back home where they belong.:D
Anyone have a clue?


Most 6V6 power tubes labeled Silvertone were RCA.

RCA is typically easy to identify by the tube type silk screened inside a stop sign shape on the glass, usuallu near the top on one side.

Keep them where you like them the most is what I say ;) It sounds like you're having fun :D


Most Silvertone-labeled 12AX7s from the sixties I've seen were made in Holland by Philips. The same tubes were branded Amperex for sale in the USA, Rogers for sale in Canada, and Philips Miniwatt for sale in Europe. Excellent tubes. Look for a faint acid-etched code on the side of the tube, near the bottom.

Other OEMs who commonly used Dutch 12AX7s were Tektronix, Admiral, Fisher, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Paco... and others I'm sure.


The amp was certainly a "Dano", (i.e. Dan Electro). Dano was likely to do anything and he was close to Canada, thus they could by Philips-(under many names), but could be RCA or Sylvania...

Identification of maker is an Art Form that requires experience and, in my case, a magnifing glass.

I suspect my example is the same as yours. Does yours have AC isolation transformer? If so it;s like mone and I will try to ID tubes in Mine.


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