9V battery --> 9VDC wall power


I've got a MXR Script Phaser on the way. It can only be battery powered (without mods), but i'd prefer to run it off my Cioks power supply... if possible.

Just wondering if converting it from battery powered to permanent 9VDC powered is as simple as swapping the battery clip for a regular side jack? Or is there more to it than that?

The other option I have is to use the Cioks battery clip attachment, but that means running the pedal with the baseplate off... a less preferred option.


I have an original 1974 BudBox Phase 90 and I faced that same dilemma. Since I decided I would never, ever part with that pedal, I drilled a hole where the base plate meets the box. Then I place one of those adapters that converts from the battery terminals to DC power supply out that hole. Blasphemy I know but, again I will never get rid of it.

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