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I've been hearing alot about these pedals and how they are actually sounding pretty close to the ones they emulate. I have a Fulltone OCD, but I;m considering trying out one of these Joyo OD's and seeling the OCD. Bad idea? If not, any suggestions on what is the best Joyo OD to buy? I like to use my OD mainly as a boost to my dirt/fuzz, but like to have the option of getting a thick sound with heavy bottom end out of an OD. TY


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I have a Vintage Overdrive and its a very nice TS style. Very smooth overdrive. Lots of volume to be had.


I like the joyo pedals and have the Ultimate Drive (OCD) and the vintage phase. I can only speak for myself but if you already have an OCD - then the UD is 98% identical. Maybe the throws on the pots vary - as they always do. but side by side you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference - unless you are OCD - which many here on TGP are. Get a few of them. They're cheap. I use the phaser all the time. Great pedal. no issues here.

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