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Now I've been building up a little pedalboard, and everytime I try to switch fast from a distorted setting, to a clean setting, it works fine to do fast, just stomp the distortion, but when I need to switch from i.e. distorted to clean with phaser and delay or something like that, it takes a bit of time.

So I looked into it, and began to learn about A/B boxes, where you can make two loops to switch between. I like the idea of being able to switch between two sets, but I need to make it so that I can have either two loops running seperately, or both at the same time. I've heard something about A/B+y pedals, that I'm not sure, but I think they do just that, is this true?

Also, space on my pedalboard is very scarce, and some I've seen are surprisingly big. So, since I'm gonna get into making some of my own stompboxes anyhow--correct me if I'm wrong--I thought a switch wouldn't be that difficult or expensive to make.

So, to sum it up, could someone verify that the A/B+y gives you the possibility to switch between two seperate loops, or have them both engaged at the same time, and is it difficult to make them? Could someone post a link to a schematic (Couldn't find any at tonepad.com), or if you can't, could you recommend any good, small ones :)

So, if you've been bothered to read this far, please help :D


Yes, an ABY would do just that. I use a Startouch ABY to switch between amps or go through and it's a pretty small box, but there are lots of options. I believe Loopmaster and Analogman can build an ABY into an MXR small box.

Never mind. I wasn't factoring in the number of jacks you would need.
Listen to LoopMaster.
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